People Hate Change –

Cowboy Logic: “Some people hate change so much, they put the quarter back into the coke machine.”

By Kit Pharo

We had an inordinate number of unsubscribers last week.   This happens every now and then – and I never know why for sure.   In this case, I suspect it had to do with our “Consider the Future” article.   Most people do not want to plan for the future, especially if it will involve change.

People hate change.   It’s as though they would rather fail doing what they have always done than succeed if success requires change.   Nowhere is this more prevalent than in agriculture.   It takes years, sometimes decades, for people in agriculture to make simple changes – even though they know the change will be for their own good.

I am led to believe the primary reason change is so slow in agriculture is the fact that many farms and ranches are multi-generational.   It’s not uncommon for there to be two or three generations dependent on the farm or ranch for their livelihood.   Grandpa may have moved to town, but he still derives his income from the farm or ranch.   The young buck who is doing most of the work is living and working in his dad’s or, worse yet, his granddad’s paradigm.

There is an old adage that says, “We advance one funeral at a time.”   Once again, nowhere is this more true than in agriculture.   IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!   If you want to, you can break away from the status quo herd and take control of your family’s future.   The sooner the better!

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –

“It is not necessary to change.   Survival is not mandatory.”   W. Edwards Deming

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