If Australia can do It – We CAN

Check the Video – In less then 10 inches per year of annual precipitation – they have built an oasis of profit and sustainability for ranching.

We do not have to reinvent the wheel – It has been done already. We just need to take the leap and change our paradigms.

Use our livestock the REPAIR our land and increase Carbon Capture.


Comparing Rotational and Continuous Grazing – A Time Lapse Video

By   /  August 12, 2019  /

Seeing how two pastures function side by side under different management is one good way to consider what kind of management we’d like to implement. That’s why I like this video from the Natural Resources Conservation Service staff in Clark, South Dakota. They set up a camera on a fence line and took time lapse photos from May to December of 2018 to see how the vegetation responded to continuous grazing (on the right side of the fence) and rotational grazing on the right. They wanted to be able to show folks the difference, not just in the amount of forage produced, but also what happens through the winter.

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