More Buyers Wanting your Cattle

Mention the word “Marketing” to a group of ranchers/farmers – and watch their eyes roll and see them squirm in their seats. Marketing evokes fear and apprehension as it is the one subject that create the most uncomfortableness.

Imagine – what happens when you get 2 more bidders to the sale barn to bid on your cattle. How much more per POUND will you get.

  • 12c a pound on a truckload of 500 pound calves equals to just over $5000 for the load.

That is the power of getting 2 more bidders to your sale.

YOU ask? How –

  1. Simple website that can be be built for $500 ( plus $100 a year ) Find a friend that develops websites for ranchers. (
  2. A couple of 1/4 page ads in Regional Publications ( $1000 a year )
  3. Pictures of your operation as the calves grow ( on your cell phone )
  4. Patients/Consistency – this will take time for buyers to notice the difference that sets you cattle apart from everyone elses
  5. Wean and Pre Condition – It pays for the work put in. Feeders want weaned and vaccinated calves. Check this Article.

For an initial investment of $1500 – YOUR calves will be ” MARKETED “.

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